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All-in-one solution
to manage
Household Employees

helpara is a simple and easy to use household employees management application that can be entirely run on smartphones and tablets.
On-boarding | Task Manager | Timesheets | Payroll | Tax Filings

Four simple and easy way to start and manage

Get started in minutes



Signup easily and complete your profile information.



On-board employees with all paperwork, timesheets and payroll.



Use our task manager App to help employees with daily tasks.


Payroll and Tax Filing

We prepare all text paperwork for you including Schedule H, 1040 &W 2/W3.


Our Task Management App


Task Setup

It makes the task set process easier for you and your employees. Optimizes and Increase the work process efficiently.


Update Tasks

It select the Status to which the Task(s) should be updated. Update the Assignee to whoch the Task(s) belong.



You can add schedule alerts to trigger according to the days, times and frequencies they specify. Also set up filter alerts when certain thresholds are met such as amounts and dates.


Transfer Shift

Shift change checklist adn transfer. This check list assits you to control the move changes every shift.


Comprehensive features set to manage housold employees

Task Manager

Manage daily tasks to employees. Engage with employees. Enagage with employees with Tasks, SMS Email reminders to complete the tasks.

Paperless On-boarding

Setup your account and register with IRS and State if needed. Employee on-boarding and Background checks

Payroll Management

Generalte payroll calculations & statements for employees and employer. Prepare and file monthly/quarterly taxes.

Time Tracking

Track and improve employee tome for payroll Employees daily check-out, weekly review and submit for payroll.

Tax Paperwork & Records

Year-end preparation and distribution 0f W-2, W-3 and Schedule H. Records for Employees, tax and payroll are archieve for easy access.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and email notifications that are automatically triggered when the certain criteria is enabled by the users.

Choose your plan

No Contract | No Signup Fee | No Direct Deposit Fee | No Filling Fees

Core Features
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Clock in & Clock out
  • Timesheets
  • Task Mangement
  • Taskner App (IOS & Android)
  • Notifications
  • Alerts
  • SMS (included)
  • Digital Signature (Included)
  • Mobile App (IOS & Android)
$ 30


All core features included.

  • One Employee Included.
  • Standard Background Check.
  • Additional Employees $10/month.
  • Additional options extra $.
$ 50


All core features PLUS Payrolls & Tax Billing.

  • Payroll.
  • Tax Paperwork.
  • Employee W-2.
  • Schedule H.
  • Generate W2 and W3.
  • One Employee Included.
  • Additional Employee $10/Month
  • Additional ADDONs Extra
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